ML/DS, Python & Others

(1) ML/DS: Mini Projects

(2) ML/DS: Deep Learning & PyTorch

(3) ML/DS: Machine Learning

Utilizing LR, RF, XGBoost with a two-layer stacking

(1) Introduction

Adding interactions into Random Forest

Approaches besides imputing mean, median or mode

(1) Prerequisites

1–1 Terms [1][2]

Holt-Winters, SARIMA, auto ARIMA, ACF, PACF & differencing

With higher-degree terms & interactions

With higher-degree terms & interactions

D/E ratio 高低,有什麼影響?為何去年賺 5.7 元,今年卻發 15 元?

閱讀時間估計:10 分鐘原文網址:[心得] 探討債務股本比、現金股利和回購、增減資


(1) 保留盈餘比股本多數倍,會有什麼問題?

Fed 如何發揮貨幣政策的最大價值、探索貨幣政策的極限

閱讀時間估計:8 分鐘原文網址:[心得] Fed 的使命、目標、手段,與決策背後緣由



閱讀時間估計:8 分鐘原文網址:[分享] 尋覓理想對象的心理學與經濟學

Morton Kuo (Yu-Cheng Kuo)

ML/DS using Python & R. A Taiwanese earned MBA from NCCU and BS from NTHU with MATH major & ECON minor. Email:

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